3 Reasons To Come To Boston In Fall 2023

Summer seems to be the most popular time to take a vacation among travelers! There are some great reasons for it – after all, warm weather is great for tropical destinations! However, there are plenty of reasons to take a vacation during the fall as well. They say that a New England fall is unlike any other in the country, and this is especially the case when it comes to the city of Boston! If you’re looking for reasons to come to Boston for vacation this fall, we’ll go over our personal recommendations below!

Seeing The Foliage Around The City

The autumn leaves are a beautiful sight to behold! Despite the fact that, like any other city, Boston is filled with awe-inspiring high-rise buildings, there are just as many spots where you can gaze upon the fall foliage to your heart’s content. There are three main areas where this viewing will be the best: The Boston Public Gardens, Boston Common, and the Charles River Esplanade. The Commons and Public Gardens are nice spots to relax, and the Esplanade stretches for miles along the city – making it a great spot for running, walking, or biking!

Breweries & Exclusive Events

Boston is well known for its diverse selection of breweries and wineries to choose from, and the fall season brings about a lot of exclusive events here! Harpoonfest is an exclusive event in the fall where you can listen to live music and drink your favorite selection of pumpkin beer and craft beer. Quincy Market has no shortage of street performers and a wide variety of delicious meals to choose from inside. There are tons of mom-and-pop breweries around that serve a variety of delicious drinks and cocktails, so give them a try as well!

Go To The Boston Public Market

The Boston Public Market is great to visit at any time of year, but the fall is when it truly shines! This is because the market has a giant display of – well, giant – pumpkins ready to view. There’s also a fall food tasting called the Taste of the Season event as well as several fun fall-related events that take place throughout October. If those aren’t up your alley, no problem! There are plenty of walking tours, including the Freedom Trail, that are littered around the nearby area.

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