A Possible Return To Normal

COVID-19 has been hard on all of us. Your friends at Bricco Suites are here to bring you some hopeful, positive information regarding COVID-19 and how that relates to reopening Boston. With plenty of American Citizens getting vaccinated every day, our hospitality industry seems to have a bright future that hasn’t been available for over a calendar year. By the time this blog has been published, Boston will have reopened to Phase 4 Step One of the reopening processes. This is an umbrella term for differences in amounts of people allowed inside different types of establishments. Let’s establish what the new differences are. 

Sports Are Back

For Redsox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics fans. This one for you. Stadiums in the Greater Boston area are reopening to fans! This phase lets Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, and TD Garden operate at a 12% capacity, allowing for the city of champions to have their fans cheer them on throughout the sports calendar. This also means for people visiting from out of town that you can begin to take your clients and friends from Boston out to these sporting events! 

Limits At Venues

As for other outdoor venues, more fantastic news, the limit for indoor venues not including sporting arenas has been pushed up to 100 people, and as for outdoor venues, the limit has been pushed up to 150 people. This includes summer camps! So if you are in the Greater Boston area and looking to send your kid to a camp for fun summer activities and friends, hope isn’t lost! 

Travel Advisory

The travel order that previously dominated Massachusetts travel rules has been replaced with a Travel Advisory. This means that if you have been out of state for more than 24 hours, it’s advised that you quarantine. This does not apply anymore if you have received a dose or two of the vaccine for COVID. Massachusetts has also passed the 1 million doses of vaccinations for our citizens, which is a significant step and milestone.

Bricco Suites In The North End

Whether you are local or traveling to Boston, Bricco Suites is here to accommodate you with the best service and hotel experience in the North End. If you have questions about the Bricco Suites experience, contact us here. If you are looking to book reservations with us, please click here. 

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