Booking a Hotel VS a Long-term Accommodation

Travelling is always an exciting yet scary endeavor, especially if you are going to parts unknown (at least on a personal level).  You have to think about the places you want to go to, restaurants to eat, favorite local spots, and of course, famous tourist areas. Let’s not forget your budget for this whole vacation, am I right? With all these to think about, sometimes you just want the most convenient place to stay in that gets you most of the stuff you want in this travel.

As we live in a world where everything is a just a touch of a button, finding a place to live is not as horrifying as before. We now have options after options on where we want to stay and to most people, every place isn’t that different from each other, or are they?

Hotels have been always our go-to when we are travelling, whether for business or for personal reasons. If you are the kind of person that wants to wake up with freshly-cooked breakfast, clean towels, a sheet change, 24/7 concierge, and other amenities, then a hotel might be the best choice for you. There’s also the security of the location to think about. Hotels usually come in with 24-hour door service and key-card access, giving you lots of certainty that you and your stuff will be safe.  When it comes to pricing, however, hotels can come a little bit steep for your wallet. Because of the amenities and services that you receive that comes with your stay, hotels tend to charge a bit higher and it is all depending on the location and season.

A great alternative is to find a long-term accommodation in the location that you are travelling to. Most of these accommodations offer simple lodging for travelers, where they can leave their belongings, clean themselves, and rest. Most of them are not too luxurious and do not really serve any amenities so you are most likely to be independent in your whole stay. The great news about these accommodations is that their pricing is not usually as steep as the hotels. If you are a traveler who is not really picky and/or on a tight budget, long-term accommodations are just the thing for you.

Bricco Suites

Our long-stay furnished accommodations located in Boston’s North End are unlike your traditional long-term accommodations. Our suites are a mixture of the hotel and long-term accommodation experience. We offer affordable fully-furnished living spaces combined with a wide variety of features and amenities such as luxurious queen beds with Italian linen, maid service, butler at your disposal, and so much more. We have a dedicated staff whose aim is to give you a unique, personalized experience.


If ever you are travelling to Boston, check out our website or call us at 617-459-1293.

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