Boston’s Best 2022 Winter Events

Boston is a great city to visit regardless of what season it is, but traveling there during the winter months opens up a new wave of opportunities you won’t get from other seasons. There are tons of new attractions to explore, sights to see, and fun activities to do. However, how can you separate the good from the bad? This is where we come in – we want you to make the most of your Boston experience! We’ll highlight some of the best winter events to attend in Boston this year below!

The Harvard Square Holiday Fair

One of the best parts about traveling to a new location is the mementos that you’ll be able to bring home with you. These will fondly remind you of your experience, and can even make great gifts for friends and family during the holiday season! The Harvard Square Holiday Fair is an excellent event to go to. You’ll have several booths to choose from that feature numerous crafts made by local artists, from clothes to candles and artwork and everything in between. It runs for a two week period during September, so you’ll have plenty of time to go if you choose to visit Boston this winter!

Ice Skating on Frog Pond

With certain winter activities, such as skiing, you’ll have to commute a little bit outside of the city in order to find the best options. When it comes to ice skating, however, you’ll have a popular and entertaining option right within the city streets! Frog Pond is located in Boston Common, and it freezes over once the winter months kick off. You’ll then be able to go ice skating with nice views of the city and a great crowd! You will have to pay a small admission fee, but the low price is well worth it. 

Northern Lights New Years Eve Cruise

If you’ve been around Boston Harbor before, you’ll likely have heard of the premiere boat cruise ship in the area: Northern Lights! There are plenty of great opportunities for cruises throughout the year, but few are as magical as the cruise you can take on New Years Eve! Get a front row seat to the Charles River fireworks display and ring in the new year alongside your closest friends and family.

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