Boston’s Best North End Food Markets

Boston’s culture is rich and varied, but perhaps one of its best qualities comes right off the coast of the Boston Harbor – the North End! This historic center serves as a hotspot for all of the greatest Italian and seafood dining options that the city has to offer. It’s also home to some incredible food markets that you can use to make your own recipes. Depending on what you want to make, there are a few places that stand out amongst the rest. We give you a guide to Boston’s best food markets in the North End below!

Bread: Bricco Panetteria

One of the best places to get fresh bread and pastries in the North End is also one of the establishments that we advertise on our website – Bricco Panetteria! It’s located behind Bricco Salumeria, which is famous for its delicious subs and catering options. You’ll have access to a wide variety of types of bread that are perfect for sandwich-making as well as being a side dish in some of the more complex Italian recipes. The best part is that their prices are insanely cheap compared to other markets like it!

Meats and Dressings: Salumeria Italiana

It should go without saying that many of the open markets in the North End have some Italian themes to them. It’s no different at Salumeria Italiana, with it the top destination for many of your Italian food needs! Their main claim to fame is the vast selection of meat products they have for sale. They are also great for cheeses, dressings, and sauces that you would find in many Italian recipes as well. If you’re looking to make an Italian recipe from scratch, Salumeria Italian has the tools you need to succeed!

Alcohol: The Wine Bottega

Of course, no Italian meal is complete without the addition of some classic wine! It may be hard to narrow down your selection with so many fantastic options to choose from, but that’s what The Wine Bottega is here to help out with! They have dozens of delicious wine selections. Depending on what you decide to make, they can advise on the best wines to pair with your meal. Even if you’re just looking for a bottle to relax with, you’ll find that the dazzling wine options here will have everything you’re searching for!

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