Boston’s Food Culture

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is considered as the oldest city in the United States. Over time, the city’s cuisine has evolved as it welcomed new ethnicities but was able to retain some of its food cultures. The city is surrounded by huge bodies of water, so seafood is a huge part of its cuisine. Visiting the city soon? Have more time exploring the city and know what to eat by reading the rest of your blog! Read more about the different popular cuisines below.

  1. Seafood

Arguably the staple of Boston cuisine, menus are filled with seafood! The city offers seafood no matter what the season is. The best-known seafood dishes include New England Clam Chowder, Fish and Chips, Boston Lobster roll, and fried clams. It is no coincidence that the oldest known restaurant in the city, Union Oyster House, is a seafood place.

  1. American

As the oldest city in the country, obviously, we have to include American cuisine as one of the top favorites of locals. With a lot of modern hip restaurants blooming in every corner, classic and typical American bar foods are rebirthed with new twists and interesting combinations.

  1. Italian

An area in the city, North End, is considered as Little Italy. This is where the Italian immigrants settled before and to this day, the area houses a huge Italian community. Who doesn’t love pasta? Locals and visitors alike flock the North End for its famous Italian restaurants. From inexpensive food to high-end Italian cuisine, if you are craving for some Italian dishes, head on over to Boston’s historic North End!

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