Exploring Sustainability in Hotels

Hospitality is one of the largest, most profitable industries in the United States, with a value of $4.79 trillion as of 2023 and experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 16.01% within the next six years. With any mammoth industry comes waste and adverse environmental impact however. By implementing sustainable changes and upgrades to your hotel, you can not only prevent excessive carbon emissions and waste – your business will profitably flourish from the fix. We’ll explore the impact of sustainability on hotels in 2024 and some simple changes hotels can add to reduce their negative influence on the environment..

Benefits of Hotel Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and guests are more interested than ever to stay at a hotel that makes a greener effort. In fact, most travelers (73%) would prefer accommodations that are eco-conscious. Even more surprisingly, it is the older demographic of guests that are more inclined to stay at hotels making sustainable changes. So, if your hotel tends to attract a younger crowd, exploring environmentally friendly options opens your space up to a wider demographic.

Sustainability also reduces costs in the long run. One major tenet of sustainability is the effort to reduce energy consumption and waste. Often, this means utilizing automation technology to sense and track when devices are utilities are most often needed.

Outfitting Hotel Spaces with Smart Devices

Smart tech devices allow a business to operate smoother and lowers the prospect of excessive energy consumption and subsequent waste. Smart thermostats in particular are one of the most useful devices for lowering energy waste. Over time, smart thermometers will become familiar with your ideal temperature, automatically adjusting to fit your standards. For hotels, this can be extremely helpful for keeping communal spaces at the optimal temperature.

Smart lighting is another fixture you can add to hotel rooms and lobbies. This option uses Wi-Fi so you can easily operate the lighting through your phone or an interactive panel. When used with LED lights, you can drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on lighting and save the environment at the same time.

Implementing Food Waste Reduction Strategies

Food waste is a huge issue for the hotel industry. When operating a hotel, food waste is expected – generally 5% of food costs are attributed to waste, but this number can approach 20% in some cases, an astronomical amount of waste throughout the lifespan of a business. By restructuring your food waste strategy, you can cut back on these costs and waste, lowering your negative impact on the environment. Consistent inventory evaluation and management re-training are just a couple steps you can take as a hotel owner for minimizing food waste. It is also helpful to control the portion sizes you offer guests. Those who are ordering room service or eating at the hotel restaurant will likely be reluctant to keep any leftovers, so do not over serve your guests.

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