Fun Things To Do In Boston For Spring 2022

We haven’t really talked about it much, but we’re willing to bet that everyone in the area is thinking about it; we’re all ready for spring to come around! The first signs of spring – although they are sporadic at best for the moment – are starting to come into view. If you’re looking to plan a vacation to the Boston area this spring, it may be helpful to know what’s going on around that time! We give you a guide to some of the best Boston events to look forward to in Spring 2022.

Riding The Swan Boats

If you’ve ever been to Boston’s Public Garden before, you’ve likely noticed several swan-like boats parked along the shoreline. These aren’t just there for decoration; you can actually take them out for a more scenic view of the park! The best part about the ride is you won’t have to put in much effort for the view; the rider will be pedaling you along the way and explaining all the wonderful things to know about the area. Take a nice, leisurely stroll without the effort of actually doing so!

The Annual Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

There are annual St. Patrick’s Day parades all over the city! You can find them in areas like Scituate, Brookline, Boston, and South Boston, and they’re a fun event for the whole family to enjoy. This year’s slate of renditions is supposed to kick off on the weekend after the holiday on March 20th. Bring your kids to the parade or get drinks with your friends; regardless of what you do, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

PAX East

PAX East is an annual event where all things gaming come together in one central location. The event was supposed to take place in Boston last year, but was moved due to concerns with COVID. This year, the event will officially be in the area again! You’ll get to see previews of new releases and be able to play your favorites. There are plenty of panels and fun events to attend here, too!

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