Hotel Problems That Will Make You Leave Early

Taking a vacation can be a rewarding experience if you know how to do it the right way! There is a lot of planning that goes into the perfect vacation, which includes finding out the red flags that your potential hotel has before you book your stay. Regardless of the effort you put into finding the right location, there are a few problems that research won’t be able to warn you about beforehand. If you’ve ever experienced these issues during your stay, it might make you want to give them an early exit. We’ll explain the biggest issues that lead to early checkouts below!

Unwelcome Surprises

At first glance, a hotel could have everything that you want for a vacation. It could have the amenities that make it convenient for travelers, a location that’s close to big attractions, and other perks that make it look desirable. However, this could change on a whim the second you enter your room. Imagine you walk into your hotel room and open your bathroom drawers. Inside, you find used toothbrushes, shower caps, and half empty bottles of soap. It likely won’t give you a good first impression – and it may be a sign of things to come!

Mechanical Failures

The most common complaints that hotels get from their guests have to do with something within their room not working. This can be anything from the WiFi to hot water and everything in between. While accidents do happen with this equipment from time to time, it’s important for an establishment to address these concerns quickly. If they don’t, that’s when it starts to turn into a larger problem! If your hotel doesn’t do anything to address these concerns, it may be time to consider alternative solutions.

Noise Complaints

There’s a reason why a majority of hotels have “Do Not Disturb” signs in every room! Not every guest is going to follow that rule, however, and noise complaints do happen. Having a noise complaint in general isn’t a red flag, but what is alarming is how the hotel responds to it. If they choose to do nothing at all, or aren’t strict about enforcing their policies, it can be a serious concern! It can cut into your sleep and mess up your schedule for the following day. How a hotel responds to complaints should tell you everything about how much they respect you.

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