Hotels vs. Motels

Hotels and motels serve similar functions in providing shelter or a temporary home for people, especially travelers. However, they have key differences in amenities, services, and target clientele.

What is a Hotel?

A hotel is a place where people, especially tourists or travelers, make a deposit to rent rooms or suites for a specific period. Most hotel requests are on a nightly basis, and the prices vary based on the type of service, room size, and available amenities.

What is a Motel?

A motor is a short form of “motor hotel,” primarily designed to provide an accessible place for motorists and travelers within a short period. Motels are typically located near highways, major roadways, or popular tourist destinations.

Hotels vs. Motels – Services and Amenities

Hotels offer a wider range of services than motels. Well-established hotels usually have dining options and recreational facilities. Some amenities or services in small to medium-sized hotels are; fitness centers, swimming pools, room service, conference rooms, bars, restaurants, housekeeping, etc. 

On the other hand, motel services are fewer, as they offer just the basic amenities, such as parking spaces, private bathrooms, and beds. You may also have access to microwaves, television, mini-fridge, air conditioning, etc.

Hotels vs. Motels – Size and layouts

Hotels are filled with multiple floors and rooms. Hotels are also classified based on their quality of service: budget hotels, luxury hotels, boutique hotels, business hotels, and resort hotels. Meanwhile, motels typically have one to two-story layouts, and the room can be easily accessed from outside.

Hotels vs. Motels – Target Markets

Motels’ target markets are mostly people traveling a long journey and needing a sleepover for a short period. Thus, they are patronized by long-distance travelers and motorists. On the other hand, hotels attract a wider variety of audiences, including business travelers, vacationers, event attendees, group travelers, air travel passengers, etc.

Hotels vs. Motels – Booking and Payment

Unlike motels, hotels have a reservation system that allows potential visitors to book in advance. The most convenient method for big hotels is to use the online booking platform. If you are traveling in a group, you can book rooms through a traveling agency.

Hotels vs. Motels – Cost

The cost of booking a hotel is generally more expensive than a motel. This is because motels target budget-conscious travelers who want to minimize their spending. However, some factors, such as location, sometimes influence the prices of hotels and motels.

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