How To Handle Missing Flight Luggage

On an ideal vacation, your time would be spent only making happy memories. However, as we’re all too familiar with, problems tend to bubble to the surface that we wouldn’t anticipate before. Some things are within our control, and there are things that can be done to avoid them. Other things are a direct result of circumstances, and not much can be done to avoid them. If you’ve ever had missing luggage from a flight before, you’ll know this all too well! There are ways that you can expedite the process to ease your worries. We explain how to handle missing flight luggage below!

Report It Quickly

Let’s say that you board your flight and you land safely at your destination. When it comes time for you to retrieve your luggage from baggage claim, you wait at the claim for what seems like an eternity. Your luggage never comes around the carousel. Time is of the essence at this point! If you don’t know where it could have gone, the first step is to report the problem. Showcase any information you have relating to check-in and luggage checks. The more information you have, the quicker they can pinpoint its location.

Ask About Reimbursement

One of the biggest things to take note of throughout a missing luggage ordeal is the fact that it isn’t your fault. The airline had a responsibility to get your luggage to the destination safely, and they failed to execute that responsibility! For this reason, you should ask your airline what they can do to reimburse you or reward you for your troubles. Many airlines have a policy that allows you to get most of what you paid to check your bag back, so make sure you take advantage of this!

Escalate If Need Be

The next step in the process is to get your luggage back safely. This shouldn’t be a complicated process depending on where your luggage is, so you should have it within a day. But, what happens when you can no longer track where your bag is – or if the airline is dragging its feet about locating the bag and reimbursement? The next step would be to escalate the situation! You can do so by reporting the issue to the Department of Transportation. They have been increasingly cracking down on serious issues like these, and they’ll be able to help you get your belongings back.

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