How To Prepare For Hectic Airport Travel

If you were to think about the worst part of taking a vacation, what comes to your mind? The number one thing that you would likely think of is airport travel! Everything about airport travel is insanely chaotic. Things can flip on a dime from a relaxing wait for your flight to an immediate rush to make your gate on time. In order to make sure that you don’t miss your flight, leading to even more trouble, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for your airport experience. We give our best recommendations below!

Arrive Earlier Than You Think You Have To

You’ve probably seen those commercials before that try to clown on people that arrive at the airport at a time they wouldn’t expect. Believe it or not, there’s a little bit of method to the travelers’ madness! It’s pretty much impossible to predict how busy the airport’s going to be at a given time. Especially in recent months, airports have become more and more crowded! If you have a flight at a certain time, think about how early you’d show up before. Then, subtract an hour or two. Even if it ends up not being crowded, you still stand the best chance of avoiding disaster!

Know The Weight Of Your Bags

One of the biggest time wasters at the airport is the initial check-in line. This is the place where workers will weigh your bags, which could potentially affect what you can carry on. If it’s above the weight limit without knowing, you may need to pay extra and wait more time to get your bag checked! Before you go to the airport, take some time to weigh your bags. Knowing the weight beforehand will let you know what adjustments you need to make before you check in.

Plan Multiple Routes To The Airport

One of the most crucial things you can be aware of on the day of your flight is how you get to the airport. You shouldn’t just have one potential route that you can use to get there. You should be able to plan for traffic delays and crashes that could veer you off-course or off-schedule. Have multiple routes lined up so that way if one goes wrong, you can easily veer over to another.

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