Key Traits Of A Good Accommodation

When you’re planning a vacation, the hotel or accommodation that you choose can make or break your trip. After all, it’s an area that you’ll likely be spending the most time in! In order to get the absolute most out of your vacation, you’ll need to know how to pick the right accommodations. There are several key traits that good accommodations have that you’ll want to look for before you book. So, what are they? We break down the best traits of good accommodations below!

Exclusive Amenities

Some of the best accommodations out there will be home to exclusive amenities that you won’t find in most other locations. We aren’t just talking about your standard room service, either; the best accommodations go above and beyond to ensure that you have plenty of options to enhance your stay. Look for things like butler service, hotel suites, and chauffeur services. These amenities will give away that the accommodations put your needs first.

Good Location

The location of your accommodations is a lot more important than you might think! Your hotel should be a lifeline to all of the fun things that there are to do in the area. If you have to take a highway just to get to a restaurant, you’re in the wrong place! Take some time to do research into what things there are to do around your accommodations. If you can’t find much, it’s a sign that you need to stay somewhere else!


A good accommodation will always be attentive to you. Their staff will greet you with a warm and friendly attitude, and they’ll do anything you need (within reason) to make sure that you have a fantastic stay. If they notice any problems, they’ll work quickly and efficiently to resolve them. Need any extra towels? They’ll be happy to help you get more. Want to take a look at the dining options around the area? They can help you with that too! Good accommodations should be equipped to answer your questions and meet your needs.

The Whole Package At Bricco Suites

There’s only one accommodation in the Boston area that checks off all of the boxes that we described: Bricco Suites! We have exclusive hotel suites so you can get the most privacy out of your visit, and we also offer butler service to attend to your needs. We’re located in the North End, which is right at the heart of everything Boston has to offer. To get the most out of your Boston vacation, reserve a room with us today!

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