Last Minute Summer Travel Hacks

Planning a last-minute trip can be a bit stressful but it does not have to break the bank. Knowing what to do and what to expect can help you budget and plan your trip from start to finish! Bricco Suites gives you a couple of helpful tips to help you survive this last-minute trip.

  1. Cheap Days for Cheap Flights

Most airlines give mad discounts on flights on Sundays and Tuesdays for travel later that week. Make sure to check all dates and prioritize “cheaper days” to lock-in that low-price ticket!

  1. Take Advantage of One-Way Tickets

Instead of booking a round-trip ticket, sometimes it’s more beneficial to purchase separate one-way flight tickets from two different carriers. Make sure to check which one is more convenient and cheaper for you!

  1. Look Into Bundle Deals

If you look at the big picture, getting a bundle package for your airfare, rental car, hotel, and extra-curricular activities can potentially reduce the total cost of your last-minute vacation.

  1. Utilize Points or Miles

Getting a card with miles or points that you can transfer or buy travel packages can be a lifesaver! Airlines usually open up award spaces for a day or two before travel dates when there are numerous of unsold seats.

  1. Make Sure to Use The Right Channels

When looking for cheap flights, make sure to use Google Flights’ Discover feature as it lets you plug in your preferred dates – even the current date – and get a list of destinations that have the best airfare specials.

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