Look For These Red Flags in Hotel Accommodations

If you’ve ever tried to plan out a vacation before, you’ll know that there are a lot of moving parts and things to consider. That means that there are plenty of ways that the trip can go wrong! One of the biggest problems that you’ll encounter when making vacation plans is choosing the right accommodations to stay at. Sure, there are plenty of great options for you, but there are also those that aren’t so great. Did you know that there are ways to tell the difference before you book? Look out for these red flags in your hotel accommodations!

Look For Doctored Photographs

You can actually pinpoint the first of a hotel’s red flags before you ever call to book! Before you jump to that step, take some time to do research on the hotel’s website. Most hotels will have organic, natural photos of the accommodations that aim to show off the room’s features. If you pick the right accommodations, these photos won’t be edited at all – because they won’t have anything to hide! Look for signs of Photoshop work or other editing done. The more blatant the editing, the bigger of a red flag it is.

Check Out The Reviews

A hotel’s reviews set the stage for what truly awaits you when you stay there. You shouldn’t just be looking for an abundance of negative reviews; you should be looking for positive ones too! This isn’t for the reason that you think. When you see the positive reviews, check the dates on which they were posted. If the most recent positive reviews are years old, it’s a red flag that things may not be as good as they seem. The more recent a positive review, the better your odds are!

Look At The Price

The cheapest deals may not always be the best ones! We don’t mean that you should pick the most expensive accommodations, but rather look into the price behind each one. If you’re staying at a five-star hotel for the price of one that’s two to three stars, it’s worth doing a bit of investigating to find out why that’s the way it is. Hotels like these have usually cut corners to make the price that low, which could negatively affect your quality of service.

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