Must-Have Amenities For Your Next Hotel Stay

You can never do too much research when choosing a hotel to stay in! There are plenty of factors to take into consideration when you’re doing your research. We’ve already gone over some important essentials for your next hotel stay; mainly the hotel’s location in regards to the fun things to do in the area, the things included in the final bill, and how family friendly the establishment is. But, what about the different amenities that hotels offer? There are a few key ones that you shouldn’t pass up on; we go over what they are below!

Air Conditioning

Especially if you’re going to a more tropical area for your next vacation, air conditioning is an amenity that you have to have! Believe it or not, there are plenty of hotels that don’t offer this as a perk. You don’t want to wake up sweating every night – especially if you’re going to an area that’s notorious for being hot at night! Don’t make a reservation at a hotel unless you can clearly define whether or not it has air conditioning. If it isn’t explicitly stated on their website, it may be time to look elsewhere!

Free WiFi

Not every vacation that you go on will be for leisure! Wi-Fi is an essential amenity to have for those travelers going on business trips. It ensures that they’ll have a constant connection to their online databases so they never fall behind on their work. WiFi is a great amenity to have for leisurely travelers as well. The area around the hotel may have spotty service, or your cellular provider may not have great coverage there. Having Wifi ensures that you’ll be able to do research on the area without interruption – and without having to pay extra!

Continental Breakfast

While this might not sound like an important amenity, it helps you save a lot of money throughout the duration of your stay! Don’t expect these kinds of breakfasts to be super high-end, but the reward for that is a lot of saved cash. It’s likely that you won’t be cooking yourself while you’re away, so you’ll need to set a budget aside for food. Having the continental breakfast as an option helps to alleviate the strain on your wallet throughout the duration of your trip. It could save you more than you realize!

Exclusive Amenities at Bricco Suites

It’s a no brainer that Bricco Suites has all of these must-have amenities at our fine establishment. We have a lot more exclusive amenities as well! We offer privacy that the other establishments don’t, with suites and separate rooms in addition to maid service, butlers, and more. To get the most out of your Boston experience, book your stay with us today!

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