The Best Neighborhoods For Boston Tourists

If you’re planning to go on vacation in the city of Boston, there are a few things that you should find out before you get here. You should have a decent enough understanding of the city’s public transportation system to get around the area and have a good idea of the best attractions around Boston. Do you know what neighborhoods in Boston would be most ideal for your stay? We’ll give you a guide to some of the most noteworthy ones in the area below!

The North End & Waterfront

Would it be a list of Boston’s best neighborhoods without the one that includes not only the best food options in the city, but our own establishment in Bricco Suites? The North End is home to many high end, delicious Italian restaurants and bars. Those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth will get everything they want and more when they go to Mike’s Pastry or Modern Pastry. The North End is filled with the city’s rich history, and there are plenty of walking tours to partake in to help you learn more about Boston.


Perhaps the most bustling district in the city of Boston is its downtown district. Tourists from all over will tell you about the exciting attractions that there are in Faneuil Hall, but there is far more to do over there than just that! It’s also home to the bars and shopping areas in the Financial District, the Boston Common and Public Garden, and the New England Aquarium. There are plenty of attractions for all ages in the Downtown area, which makes it a perfect setting for both family friendly and adult vacations!


If you’re looking to experience more high end living, the Seaport district is a perfect option! There are plenty of interesting restaurants, bars, and attractions to visit. If you plan on visiting the area during the summer months, you can also partake in a variety of boat cruises that leave from Boston Harbor! You’ll have access to the Lawn on D, mini golfing areas, steakhouses, and museums. The city is chock full of stuff to do, and the Seaport neighborhood merely emphasizes this!

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