The Best Traits Of A Good Housekeeper

As much as you try to plan for your upcoming vacation, there are certain things that you’re going to have to leave to chance. You won’t be able to control the weather, traffic, or certain restaurants being overbooked on reservations. While you won’t be able to control what kind of housekeeper you get, you’ll at least be able to narrow it down to hotels with the best reviews and accommodations! We highlight the best traits to keep an eye out for when it comes to housekeeping below.

They Deliver Under Pressure

Depending on how big or small of an establishment that a housekeeper works in, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent pace. Housekeepers need to work around every check-in time to make each room look its best, and that can be tough to do with an increased workload on their plates! The best housekeepers have an unparalleled ability to deliver consistent results under pressure. Not only can they make your room look brand new in an instant, but they never falter on this quality throughout the rooms that they work on.

Being On Top Of The Details

Whoever said that the smallest details can add up to big issues certainly knew what they were talking about! The little things not being attended to can lead to a disaster for every room. Dust can build up and take over a guest’s belongings, clumps of hair can lead to clogs in the drain, and items left on the floor can lead to tripping hazards. Attention to detail is vital for a housekeeper role, and the best ones stay on top of all the little ones. There’s a reason why the best rooms look brand new every time you visit!

Honesty And Trust

Just because the safe is in a hotel room doesn’t mean that it will always be used. In the best hotels, you won’t need to use your safe! The best housekeepers can be trusted beyond a shadow of doubt to not look into a guest’s belongings. They don’t take their personal items, and everyone leaves with all of their things at the end of their stay. If something is missing prior to checkout, it’s a pretty safe bet that the guest won’t be returning to your establishment!

Luxury Accommodations at Bricco Suites

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