The Most Essential Hotel Amenities For Traveling Workers

People who travel for work appreciate amenities that make their lives and their work easier. They also appreciate amenities that allow them to maintain a sense of consistency and normalcy while they are on the road. Some of the essential amenities that traveling workers depend on are:

A Workspace In Their Rooms

Most traveling workers don’t stop working at 5 PM. Because of differences in time zones and the need to be available for different work-related tasks, traveling workers need to have a comfortable and convenient workspace in their rooms.

Traveling workers often request an ergonomic desk and chair. Workers will thrill to a desk with built-in USB ports and convenient plugs for laptops, hard drives, and other equipment. Bricco Suites offers large, perfectly designed workspaces where business travelers can hop on a call or work on projects comfortably.  

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Another business essential that workers request is reliable, free, high-speed Wi-Fi that is easily accessible. According to the Global Business Travel Associations, more than 50% of business travelers use Wi-Fi in their rooms for more than an hour a day, and another 74% use it in common areas like the gym or the lobby. Giving guests reliable, free, high-speed Wi-Fi will make your hotel popular with business travelers. 

Guests traveling on business also love kiosks where they can easily check in and check out electronically whenever it’s convenient. Mobile apps, digital keys, and other technology that streamline the check-in and check-out processes are also very popular. Bricco Suites is always on the cutting edge of technology to ensure their guests have an easy check-in and check-out. 

Convenient Location

When people are traveling on business, the last thing they want to do is spend their time driving around a strange city looking for a good restaurant, shopping, or other essentials. Business travelers prize a convenient location near public transportation, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Shuttle service to the airport and other popular locations like local training centers or conference centers can also make a big difference for business travelers. 

Exercise Facilities

Business travelers need to exercise, and their access to fitness spaces may be limited. A clean gym equipped with treadmills and other fitness equipment gives travelers the opportunity to get in a good workout before or after work so that their fitness routine doesn’t falter just because they are traveling. Additional facilities like pools, saunas, and hot tubs can make exercise accessible for business travelers.

Bricco Suites Can Make Traveling For Work Easier

When business travelers are far from home, the little things make a big difference.  Comfortable high-end mattresses, access to healthy and delicious food, luxury cotton towels and sheets, and gourmet coffee can make your stay much more comfortable. Book a stay at Bricco Suites to see why business travelers love our amenities – and location in the Boston area!

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