Tips for Traveling with Children

Planning a family vacation is full of joy, anticipation, and just a smidge of worry. This is because children have specific preferences and requirements that can make travel a little more difficult than usual. Even with the slight differences, there is no need to get anxious! Follow the tips below to have a smooth travel experience with your children.

Start Packing Early

With children, it can be difficult to pack the night before a trip successfully. There are so many things you have to remember, from medications to snacks to their favorite toys, on top of all of your personal items as well. Give yourself plenty of time to get things together. Start packing at least 3-4 days before your trip, preferably a week beforehand if possible. This way, you can feel confident when packing last-minute additions and save yourself the stress of locating your child’s swim trunks the morning of your trip.

It can also be helpful to make a list of all the items you’re packing. You will be able to keep track of what you’re bringing and ensure every item is accounted for before you head home from your travels.

Stick to a Routine & Schedule (If Possible)

With children, creating a concrete itinerary for your trip is the way to go. It is hard to be spontaneous with children – tantrums can occur, many places aren’t kid-friendly, and some children can get extremely stressed when placed in new environments for an extended period of time. Create a daily plan for your travels and develop a routine for things like bedtime and mealtimes. This will give your kids a sense of normalcy amongst the chaos of traveling, which will only benefit you in the long run. For the days when a detailed schedule isn’t possible, try to communicate with your children as much as you can about where you are visiting and who you are seeing.

Make Contingency Plans

This is one of the most crucial traveling tips you can make. When planning a trip months in advance, it is hard to account for unexpected closures, rain, or the off chance you simply do not like the event or place you are visiting. To get ahead of any troubles, create contingency plans. For example, if you’re planning to go to the zoo, look for any other activities around the area you can attend if rain occurs. When looking for dining options, make a couple of reservations in case you are too late for your original or the spot isn’t a great environment for your children to enjoy a meal.

Choose an Early Flight

Just like adults, kids tend to crash later on in the day. Since children often stick to the same routine each day, having them sleep before a flight or adjusting their schedule can result in disaster, such as tantrums or general overactivity. Opt for an early morning flight if you plan to travel by plane. These flights have a lower likelihood of getting delayed, and traveling earlier can decrease the chance of major routine interruptions.

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