Tips on Improving Your Hotel’s Gym Amenities

Fitness is very important to people who are traveling, especially business travelers who
may be spending a week or more on the road. Upgrading your hotel’s gym and getting
creative when it comes to fitness options can give your hotel a competitive edge and
attract guests who travel often, like business travelers.

If your hotel has a basic gym, that’s no longer enough to be a good marketing feature. A
room with a couple of treadmills or a weight set isn’t going to offer guests the kind of
fitness options they want. To improve your hotel’s gym amenities, we’ve outlined a few upgrades to consider below.

Gym Partnerships

There is a way to increase your gym offerings without any remodeling. Look into starting
gym partnerships with nearby gyms. Partnering with gyms affiliated with popular
national chains could be a big draw for guests. It means they can easily get access to
the full gym experience they’re familiar with, even when they are on the road. Partnering
with smaller local gyms gives guests the opportunity to try something new. Partnerships
with local gyms can be mutually beneficial and profitable.

Hotel Pools and Fitness

Guests love hotel pools already, but you can put those pools to work when guests aren’t
usually using them by using the pool as a fitness option. You can create water-based
fitness classes like water aerobics and close the pool to everyone but lap swimmers
during the time of the day when business travelers like to exercise.

In-Room Fitness Equipment Rental

Offering personal exercise equipment in guest rooms for a fee can increase revenue
and guest satisfaction. An exercise bike or treadmill, weights, and other fitness
equipment that allows guests to work out in privacy and safety on their own time can be
a huge draw. It’s very common for people to want to exercise but not to do it in public.
Giving guests the chance to add on an exercise bike or treadmill rental for their stay
gives them options.

Offer On-Site Fitness Classes

Another easy way to improve your gym’s fitness amenities is to offer fitness classes on-
site. You can offer popular fitness classes like spinning classes that use the gym
equipment that is already in the gym. But you can also use some of the features of the
location that you’re in and offer fitness classes on the grounds of the hotel. If your hotel
has a beautiful garden area, you can offer yoga classes in the garden. Or bring in specialty
instructors to offer fitness classes like CrossFit, HiiT training, Spartan training, boxing,
or martial arts.

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