Tips On Planning The Perfect Fall Vacation In Boston

There’s nothing like a long break from the stress of everyday life. Vacations are a great way of making that happen! Depending on what season you decide to take a trip during, you’ll be met with a different set of challenges. Planning a vacation to Boston during the fall months can be a ton of fun, but you’ll need to be prepared for anything that can happen! We’ve assembled the best tips for planning the perfect fall vacation in Boston below.

Pack for Every Element

One of the most challenging things about vacationing in the fall is determining what the weather will be like. Especially in the Boston area, it can be pretty unpredictable! Some days it may be sunny and warm, while others it may be under 50 degrees and rainy. There isn’t a lot of in-between! Make sure you pack enough clothes to be prepared for either type of day. It will save you a lot of hassle – and money – in the long run.

Purchase Game Tickets Ahead of Time

While the Red Sox’s season may have come to a disappointing end, the seasons of the Patriots, Celtics and Bruins are just getting started. These tickets tend to sell out quickly, so you should do your best to reserve your seats as far ahead as possible. Not only will you get your tickets for the lowest possible price, but you’ll have a bit of security going into your trip. You’ll already have an event planned out before you get there!

Travel During The Week

Even though the bulk of your vacation may come on the weekend, you should still make plans to come in during the weekdays. Boston is a popular destination for people looking to get away for a fall weekend, meaning that the traffic is at its peak during those days. If you plan to get to Boston before the weekend kicks off, you’ll escape the worst of the traffic. Even if you’re flying in from another state, you’ll still have to deal with in-city traffic if you fly in on the weekend. Save yourself the hassle and show up earlier!

Luxury Accommodations at Bricco Suites

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