Traveling to Boston

You are traveling again but this time you are thinking of going to the oldest city in the country. You booked your flight, packed your bags, and now off you go! Boston is a terrific place to travel to! It’s a city rooted in deep history and culture. No matter what the season is, there is something to do in this city.

With seemingly endless options, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed about what to do with limited time. So here is a crash course on what to do in the Red Sox Nation

Visit Fenway Park

Of course, if you are coming to Boston, you HAVE to go to Fenway Park. Whether you are a sports fan or not, it is essential to catch a game or take a tour around the nation’s oldest Major League ballpark!

Gobble up some seafood!

You can’t really go to Boston and miss out on all the seafood. Bostonians take pride in their “lobstah” roll. Go take a stroll and head on to Boston’s waterfront try out all the restaurants that offer the “best” lobster roll in the state.

Have an artsy day at the Museum of Fine Arts

How about you immerse yourself with culture and history for a day? The massive Museum of Fine Arts has about half a million pieces of artwork from different centuries. When going here, you have to plan out on what you want to see, frankly because it is impossible to see everything in a day.

Take a walk, a 2.5-mile walk to be specific

One of the best things to do in Boston is to take on the Freedom Trail. This trail will take you to some of the city’s most important historic sights. You are going to see up to 16 sites and it will only take you a few hours, depending on how fast you can actually walk.

Pasta! Pizza! Gelato!

You’re feeling kind of hungry and can’t think of a place to eat? Worry no more! Go on a food hunt in Boston’s Little Italy, the North End. If you are new to the place, take a stroll out there as you can literally see hundreds of restaurants along the alleys and streets

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