What Amenities Should You Expect In A Fine Hotel?

When attempting to differentiate your hotel from the competition, it’s simple to become overwhelmed by the number of new hotel brands. While remodeling your property can be costly and time-consuming, using certain hotel amenities can make a big difference in how you stand out from the competition. We will discuss several amenities fine hotels should possess and offer to their visitors below. 

What are Hotel Amenities?

Hotel amenities refer to the many services and facilities that a hotel offers to its guests to improve their stay and provide comfort and convenience. These can include more fundamental needs like towels and toiletries as well as more opulent amenities like spas, swimming pools, and gourmet dining choices. Here are 5 necessary amenities every fine hotel should have:

Relaxation Devices

Most visitors want their hotel stays to be relaxing since they might have recently finished a tiresome journey or had a busy day of meetings and presentations. You can encourage relaxation by giving your visitors access to massage chairs and other amenities in their accommodations. Alongside, offer calming white noise devices, aroma diffusers, and calming eye masks to top the experience. 


Since alcohol can be purchased and consumed at bars, a fine hotel should have six bars that serve longue, wine, cocktail, banquet, and dispense bars. The primary purpose of a bar is to provide alcoholic beverages with the proper glassware based on the preferences of the patrons. A good bar serves as a location for fun, enjoyment, and relaxation for your visitors.

Fitness Center

A hotel’s fitness center is the new “Gold” in the hospitality sector as travelers are looking to keep up with their regular exercise regimen even while away from home. Lately, numerous hotels offer top-notch fitness facilities, top-notch trainers, and world-class amenities. A fine hotel should have a mounted workout wall, a resistance band, an exercise ball, a yoga mat, a yoga ball, and a fitness DVD in their hotel fitness facility.


A spa is a place where people can go for their specific health-improving treatments, it often has a sauna and treatment room. Every fine and well-known hotel business should have a spa on site as it makes the visitors feel more at ease. The spa service should also be equipped with a top-notch spa program, a fitness boot camp, massages, facials, yoga, and pedicures.

In-Room Cocktail Bar

A guest room cocktail station is another amenity to look out for in a fine hotel. This is particularly seen in luxurious suites. It allows your visitors to enjoy their drinks in the comfort of their rooms. Plus, an in-room cocktail bar is an eye-catching feature that would sell out more luxurious suites to visitors.

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