What Can You Do Around Bricco Suites?

When you’re choosing from the numerous hotels around the Boston area for your vacation, there are a multitude of factors that you need to consider. Past reviews of the location and the amenities that they offer are one thing, but there’s something you need to think about that has nothing to do with the establishment itself: it’s actual location! Specifically, the things to do around the area could potentially make or break your decision. If you’re looking at Bricco Suites as your next place to stay, you may be wondering what you can do around the area. We give you some fun ideas below!

Browse The Shops at Faneuil Hall

Finding things to do in the immediate area of a hotel can save you a ton of money on your vacation! When you stay at Bricco Suites, you’re in luck; our hotel is just a short walk away from Faneuil Hall! There’s a good reason why Faneuil Hall is one of Boston’s top attractions; there’s no shortage of fun shops and things to do in the area! For example, you can dine in a non-traditional setting at Dick’s Last Resort, sample cookies and gelato from the dessert shops around, and be awed by the street performers that draw crowds to the center of the square. You can spend hours here and it will feel like minutes!

See Marine Life at the New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is located right in the heart of the Seaport District, and like Faneuil Hall is only a short walk from Bricco Suites! Go up the walkway and be amazed at the types of marine life you’ll find between the wings. You’ll even be treated to penguins and stingrays! In total, the New England Aquarium has over 2,000 animals to display. It’s a fun attraction that the whole family can enjoy if you have those that can’t take advantage of the bar scene.

Take A Boat Cruise Along Boston Harbor

Those that are of legal drinking age will be able to take full advantage of the bar scene in the city. What better way to get acquainted with the Seaport bar scene than by taking a cruise on the water? There are plenty of live concerts, booze cruises, and other fun boating events to be had on the water, and all of them are just a quick stroll away. 

Luxury Accommodations at Bricco Suites

The walkability to Boston’s top locations isn’t the only thing Bricco Suites is known for! We provide luxury accommodations, unparalleled privacy and exclusive amenities all in the heart of the city. For the best accommodations in the capital city of Massachusetts, click here to reserve a suite today!

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