What Not To Do When Staying At A Hotel

Staying in a nice hotel when you’re traveling is part of the fun of traveling. A hotel with lots of great amenities where you don’t have to clean up the way that you do at home helps make vacations feel more luxurious. And it’s a nice break from your everyday routine. But there are some things that you shouldn’t do when you’re staying at a hotel. Some of these things are for your safety, and some are things you shouldn’t do in order to be a good guest. But the things that you shouldn’t do when you’re staying at a hotel are:

Leave Jewelry Or Money In The Room

Leaving behind expensive jewelry, money, or credit cards in the hotel room when you leave it is never a good idea. That makes your room more attractive to thieves. And it can cause problems for the hotel, too. If there is a safe in the room, put your valuables in the safe when you go out. If there is no safe in the room, ask the front desk clerk to put your valuables in the hotel’s safe. Or take your items with you and lock them in your vehicle. 

Leave The Bathroom Door Unlocked When You’re Showering

There’s nothing like a hot shower after you’ve been traveling all day. Or a cool shower when you’ve been at the beach or the pool all day. But when you’re showering, make sure that you lock the bathroom door. If housekeeping comes in while you’re showering the locked door, let them know it’s not a good time to clean the room. And keeping the door locked will keep you safe if anyone enters the hotel room. 

Sneak In Your Pet

If you can’t leave your pet at home while traveling, look for a hotel that allows your furry friend to stay with you. Many hotels do allow pets under certain circumstances. Never sneak your pet into the hotel. Your pet could be a hazard for people who are allergic to pets. And if your pet damages anything in the room or makes a mess, you will be responsible for the cost of any damage or fees. 

Smoke In The Room

Most hotels no longer allow indoor smoking. The hotels that do only allow smoking in certain rooms. If your room is a non-smoking room, don’t smoke indoors. Go outside to smoke or ask for a room where you are allowed to smoke. Smoking indoors can expose other guests to secondhand smoke, and smoke can be impossible to get out of things like curtains and bedding.

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