What You Need To Know About Boston’s Public Transportation

Before you travel to any vacation destination, it’s always a good practice to research the area a little bit before you go. This includes things like accommodations, things to do around the area, and the weather forecast. There’s a little detail that people tend to overlook, however, and it shouldn’t be that way at all: the transportation options! Especially in a city like Boston, knowing the in’s and out’s of public transportation is super beneficial before you arrive here. We give you a few important pointers about Boston transportation below!

Hours of Operation

One of the most important things to know going into Boston is when the public transportation operates. Luckily for travelers, there aren’t many hours of the day where trains and buses aren’t operational. The first public transportation options ship out at 5 AM, with the last options leaving the base station at around 1 AM. You’ll likely see the most trains and buses during the middle of the day where foot traffic is highest, but it will depend on railroad conditions and traffic.

Public Biking

Did you know that you can actually rent a bike for as cheap as three dollars in Boston? If you get to the city and notice several bike stops with blue bikes attached to them, you’re in the right spot! Boston has plenty of bike lanes for safe bike transportation services if you need to get somewhere in a pinch. They can also substitute for a workout if you were planning to stay active in the city! Just be aware of how much time you’re spending on the bike, however. If you plan to ride for more than 30 minutes, consider getting an explorer pass instead.

Steer Clear of the Commuter Rail

If you’ve taken a look at the train map before, you’ll likely have noticed the six different lines that operate off of it. If you’re planning to go to Boston for vacation purposes, you’ll only need to use five of them. The option you should steer clear of if you’re a tourist is the commuter rail. This line is more useful for travel to other towns and cities that are further away from Boston. One accidental ride could leave you over an hour away from the city if you aren’t careful! Stick with the lines named by color and you should be all set.

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