Where to Order Takeout During Quarantine in The North End?

Who knows what day of quarantine it is? As you’re staying at Bricco Suites we want to give you our best even at this difficult time. You deserve nothing but the best! Being located right in the North End, Bricco Suites is walking distance from so many delicious and unique Italian restaurants. Even though we can’t dine in at restaurants doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spoil our appetites. Take out at a time like this is the way to go. Let someone else handle your meals. Here are some of our  favorites that we recommend! 


Trattoria II Panino

Trattoria II Panino located on Hanover Street in the North End of Boston is a delicious Italian restaurant that will satisfy all your taste buds! Trattoria Il Panino offers an extensive menu filled with homemade pastas, mouthwatering meat dishes, fresh salads, and flavorful appetizers, Trattoria II Panino will never disappoint. Trattoria Il Panino is temporarily closed but takeout is now available 12noon – 8pm. Phone orders only, please. 617-720-1336.


Bricco Ristorante & Enoteca


At Bricco they understand that this is a tough time for everyone, but they are there for you. They know their efforts in the kitchen will indelibly cure the ailments of today and tomorrow and the next few weeks. Their amazing dishes are still available for delivery from 12 pm to 8 pm. Phone orders only, please call at 617-248-6800.




Pizza will help you get through anything! A Quattro pizza is deeply satisfying, soothing, and, in the end, rewarding—because you get to eat crusty, gooey, straight-outta-the-oven pizza, in the comfort of your Bricco Suite.

Are You Concerned About GettingThe Virus Through Food?


Covid-19 is a respiratory virus, and, much like influenza and others in this category, it spreads when humans cough or sneeze out tiny droplets of mucus and saliva. If it lands on a hard surface like a doorknob or countertop, the virus can survive anywhere from a few hours to a few days. We assure you we take this virus very seriously. Even with only take out orders. Fortunately, there’s currently no evidence of coronavirus transmission through food.


Practice Social Distancing with Delivery!


Avoid meeting your delivery in person. Try a no contact delivery! Take the steps to help limit in-person contact. No contact allows you to designate where the food should be left. You can always request in your delivery instructions or over the phone to have the food left on your doorstep, in the lobby, or somewhere else.


Stay at Bricco Suites in the North End

If you’re someone who likes accommodation and convenience, Bricco Suites is the place for you to stay! Not only do we provide the best quality services to our guests but we are in walking distance to so many unbelievable Italian restaurants.  Book your stay with us today!

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