Why Is Hotel Location Important?

Did you know that the location of your hotel accommodations can make or break your whole vacation? Depending on where you stay, your vacation could be a fun-filled experience or a total disaster. While having the right accommodations and minimal red flags is an important feature, it shouldn’t be the whole reason you stay at a hotel. So, why is the location of your hotel a critical factor in your stay? We highlight all of the reasons why below!

Access To Fun

When you’re planning out things to do on your vacation, which of these sounds more appealing to you: driving an hour down the road to do something really fun, or driving 15 minutes? We’re willing to wager that you’d answer with the 15 minute drive! The location of your hotel can add or remove a lot of stress. Having fun things to do nearby is the hallmark of any vacation, and a lot of novelty will be lost the more you have to drive for it. Cut down on that time by staying at a hotel near the best perks of the area.


Believe it or not, your hotel’s location could also be a big factor to how much money you spend on vacation! Sure, the point of a vacation is to let loose with your finances a little. However, there are plenty of wrong ways of accomplishing this. If your hotel is far away from everything, you can count on having a much higher gas bill at the end. Picking a hotel that’s close to fun activities will significantly decrease this cost – and it may make purchasing a rental car unnecessary! The right location will ensure that your wallet suffers minimal damage.


Your vacation should be as stress free as possible. After all, it’s a reprieve from all of your ordinary stresses! Financial issues and access to fun amenities will only aggravate your stress. It could take a lot of the fun out of what’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience! By choosing accommodations with a desirable location, these stressors have a much smaller chance of showing up throughout your trip.

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