Why The Quality Of Your Hotel Concierge Matters

The hotel concierge is a valuable resource that is often misused and undervalued. Many hotels make the mistake of assuming that the responsibilities of a concierge can be taken over by other hotel staff. As a result, the quality of a concierge in such a hotel is lowered to the point that the concierge service becomes a decoration for the hotel instead of one of its highest selling points. So, why is the quality of your hotel concierge so important?

The Concierge Is The Face Of The Hotel

The concierge service is very extensive and aims to provide a personalized stay for guests. Essentially, unless illegal or unethical, there’re no tasks that a concierge cannot do. This is where quality concierge services shine. A higher quality concierge can complete more tasks with greater efficiency and guarantee guest satisfaction, especially when it comes to organizing special occasions and handling special requests such as skydiving or similar activities.

A Quality Concierge Service Makes The Hotel Stand Out

Although there is no absolute “best” when it comes to concierges, there is also a marked difference. That difference can be the selling point of your hotel and what makes it stand out compared to its competitors. For instance, if your concierge is more capable of organizing special requests or planning itineraries, then guests are more likely to choose your hotel over your competitors. Therefore, the quality of the concierge should be reflected not just in the level of task completion but also in the number and complexity of services offered.

Elevate The Guest Experience

Several factors determine the quality of a guest’s stay, and such factors affect whether your hotel can retain that guest or whether they’ll only use your hotel for a single stay. A concierge can be a topping for your guest’s hotel experience. A quality concierge can elevate your guest’s hotel experience so that they decide to stay with you another time or recommend your hotel to their family, friends, or acquaintances.

Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs

Quality concierges don’t just react to requests but anticipate them before they happen. This may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it makes all the difference for your guests. Meeting guests’ needs that they didn’t even know they had proves your hotel’s attentiveness and further improves the guest experience. Your concierge shouldn’t wait for your guests to ask for basic services and should just complete them. For instance, your concierge should provide maps, taxi services, advice on sights and activities, and similar matters for out-of-town guests.

The Bottomline

Concierges are an essential part of the hotel industry and should be included in your hotel. However, it is not just about hiring concierges but hiring quality concierges who can anticipate your guests’ needs and strive to overfulfill their task requirements so that they can boost the impression of your hotel to your guests. Bricco Suites has these in spades. For a quality of concierge that other establishments can’t match, make a reservation with us today!

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