Why You Should Book An Extended-Stay Hotel

If you’ve visited our website before, you’ll likely have noticed a common saying that rings true across many of its pages: the words “extended stay”. This saying isn’t thrown around for no reason, as we offer extended-stay accommodations for all of our visitors! The concept of an extended stay hotel is slightly different from that of short-term accommodations, but there are plenty of reasons why they’re a preferable alternative. So, why should you book an extended-stay hotel for your next outing from home? We break down the best reasons why below!

They Can Take You On Short Notice

Your stay at Bricco Suites doesn’t have to revolve around a vacation! Sometimes, the need for an extended-stay hotel is immediate. Let’s say that you’re in the process of selling your home. The timetable for that kind of venture can vary dramatically based on how the market looks! If you sell it faster than expected and need emergency lodgings to hold you over until you move, an extended-stay hotel will be perfect. They can accept you on short notice so that you don’t have to worry about your next place to sleep.

They Have More Exclusive Amenities

When you book your stay at a regular hotel, there are a few things that you should consider as givens. The first is having the room be an open space without separate rooms. The next is a lack of butler service and personal assistants – unless you’re staying at a high-end resort. An extended-stay hotel differs from other accommodations by having both of these factors and more. These are both amenities that are offered by Bricco Suites – in addition to a variety of others!

They’re More Luxurious

Most chain hotels won’t offer you the amenities and luxuries that a finer establishment will offer. The main problem is that finer establishments usually come with a higher price tag. This is where extended-stay establishments differ from their competitors – they offer these luxurious accommodations and amenities for a cheaper price tag! Even if you don’t know how long you’ll be staying, you’ll still be saving more money if you choose to lodge at this kind of establishment.

Extended-Stay Amenities at Bricco Suites

Whether you need some time to lodge after selling your house or want to take an extended vacation, Bricco Suites is the best place to go! Not only do we offer a variety of exclusive amenities, but we’re also located at the heart of everything that Boston has to offer. Regardless of the reason for your stay, choose Bricco Suites to make the most of your Boston experience!

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