Why You Should Choose Bricco Suites as Your Hotel in Boston

You are probably reading this blog because you are contemplating where to stay during your upcoming trip to Boston, Massachusetts. Well, let’s start by saying welcome. Boston is a fabulous city with plenty to offer for any traveler, even during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The hotel experience is an integral part of your stay in a foreign location and can make or break your trip. At Bricco Suites, we do everything in our power to make sure our hotel will feel like a home away from home for you. Regardless of the duration of your stay. 

Our Rooms

 At Bricco Suites, we offer 1 and 2 bedroom studios that have rooms dedicated for working, relaxing, sleeping, and eating. We are also conveniently located just minutes away from the Financial District of Boston and close to Back Bay for leisurely activities. We have a personal assistant at your disposal for various activities, including booking dining for you, tours, spas, limo, and laundry services. We also feature rooms for work meetings and other events inside of our hotel. All of our studios feature beautiful marble countertops and polished wood floors. You genuinely are staying in a unique place if you decide to book with us. 

Our Technology

 For tech geeks, we use a system called LodgeNet, which allows for easy access to the front desk at your command. It helps control your movie selection, airline ticket booking, and even remote wake-up calls for you. It’s a fantastic piece of technology used to enhance our customers’ experience at Bricco. Every room has a flat-screen smart TV and Wi-Fi throughout. 

Our Passion

We at Bricco Suites truly care about interacting with our customers and giving them the experience they deserve. We treat you like family from the moment you decide to stay with us. We have dedicated partners in other industries for you to maximize your experience in Boston. We love our city, and we want you to as well. We know the city inside and out and can provide you with our best recommendations, so you spend your time wisely and efficiently. And most of all, we hope you love your time in Boston, regardless of if you choose us as your hotel. Our quality is unmatched, and our customers can speak to that through Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about your future room or reservation requests, and we hope you choose us. 


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